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Sinzoo Paper Co.,Ltd was founded in 2015, located in City Wuhan. We are principally engaged in research,development and manufacture of grey board, duplex board, color board, various package paper, stationery products and other related products.

PET Laser Film laminated paper board

Product Description

1) Its surface material is OPP laser film.

2) The basis material contains duplex board, art paper, ivory board or other paper.

3) We usually have the basis weight from 130gsm to 425gsm,etc.

4) They can be used to pack liquor, food, tea, clothing, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

5) They also can be used to make greeting cards, calendars, catalogues, reports, as well as paper bag, paper box and so on.

6) We will produce the product according to clients' special demands.

7) The specifications and styles can be made according to the clients' special requirement.

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Backing Paper: 55-450gsm. ivory board, duplex board with grey back, double copper paper,
double offset paper, black paperboard, craft board paper, interleaving paper, etc.

OPP film: In common use thickness 0.02mm.Accept custom.

Flat size: 787*1092mm, 889*1194mm, and special sizes according to customers’ requirements.

Color: gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, black and so on. Surface has light gold, light silver,
matte gold(dull gold), matte silver(dull silver) and other colors according to the customers’ requirements

Machine width:
660MM,711MM,737MM,787MM,838MM,889MM,965MM,1092MM, 1194MM.

Embossed:According to your sample.

Pattern :More than 100 kinds.Accept custom.

Moreover, it can be embossed and printed according to customer requirements.
Material paper weight and thickness

IVORY board Duplex paper Double copper Wood free paper
GSM thickness GSM thickness GSM thickness GSM thickness
170g 0.21mm 230g 0.26mm 80g 0.06mm 60g 0.06mm
190g 0.24mm 250g 0.31mm 90g 0.07mm 70g 0.08mm
210g 0.27mm 300g 0.37mm 105g 0.09mm 80g 0.10mm
230g 0.30mm 350g 0.44mm 128g 0.11mm 100 0.12mm
250g 0.33mm 400g 0.51mm 157g 0.13mm    
300g 0.41mm 450g 0.58mm 200g 0.20mm    
350g 0.48mm     250g 0.26mm    
400g 0.54mm     300g 0.30mm    
        350g 0.36mm