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Sinzoo Paper Co.,Ltd was founded in 2015, located in City Wuhan. We are principally engaged in research,development and manufacture of grey board, duplex board, color board, various package paper, stationery products and other related products.

coloured board

I. Color
1. can be customized to different colors
2 can be set for different logo and design (there are 2 to 4 kinds of different colors).

II. Grammage
80g - 3000g.

III. Technology Features
1. Mainly dyeing high quality grey board as raw material with different colors.
Book paper, art paper and duplex paper are also available.
2.Printing and dyeing multi color on machine by rolling. The color is more consistent, more beautiful and it can save cost.
3.Flexible matching. Suitable for different grades of products
4 Printing and dyeing product is environmental and damp mildew proof.
It follows FSC standard. More over, it passed through variety of corresponding paper testing and certification (see attached certificates).

IV. Main Usage
Suitable for different packaging products, especially the interior of different packaging boxes.

V. No MOQ limits. Sample is free